Thieves get into cars in Junction City

December 23, 2004|TODD KLEFFMAN

Junction City police are investigating a series of thefts from cars that might be related to the icy weather.

Officer Doug Combs said about a dozen cars were ransacked Monday night along Castle Rock Drive and Overlook Court. All of the cars were left unlocked and the thieves took mostly cash and some small, easy-to-grab items, Combs said. Several of the victims told Combs they left their cars unlocked because they were concerned about their doors freezing up.

A string of similar thefts, with cash and small items taken from unlocked vehicles, occurred about month ago along Ila Avenue and just outside Junction City on Bonta Lane, Combs and Boyle County Deputy Jim Wilcher said. Both officers said the break-ins are likely the work of juveniles.

"They are not smashing out windows and they are not taking everything, not cleaning the cars out," Wilcher said. "I'm pretty sure they're related. It's probably younger people making a quick hit."


Combs said nearly all of the Monday night thefts involved only cash, including change and wallets. One wallet that contained $200 was recovered, along with a purse and another wallet, but minus their contents, Combs said.

Wendell Anderson, who lives on Castle Rock Drive, was not a victim of the thefts but talked to several neighbors who were.

"Normally, we don't leave our cars unlocked," Anderson said. "It's just when it's bad weather, people are afraid it might freeze up and they can't get in.

"What I'm afraid of is if we go to locking our cars, the next time they might use a hammer, and that's worse," he continued.

With sub-freezing temperatures expected through the weekend, Combs advised residents to lock their cars and worry about frozen locks if that occurs.

"Either that or make sure you don't leave anything in your car you don't want to lose," he said.

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