Migrant workers have unfair advantage

December 23, 2004

Dear Editor:

This letter is concerning the one written by Mr. Toby Henderson. Evidently Mr. Henderson needs to get some fresh air or he was born yesterday. The lady is right about the migrants. They come over here to work with no education. We have to have a GED or diploma to get a job. They don't have to pay taxes and they keep what money they need and send the rest back to their homes. We pay light bills and barely get by.

And about the American farmer not wanting to work. I used to work on the farm loading tobacco until after dark. That's the only way I can get by.

We have migrants in our factories. How much education do they have? There are even some families marrying migrants just so they can stay over here. You go to a farmer for a job and he'll tell you. And if I'm not mistaken the government helps them so much.


By the way, I am the heavy smoker. Life in this country keeps me worried. What right will they take away now?

About the church and the state, back when we had prayer in schools and freedom for the Ten Commandments, we didn't see all the trouble. Today you better not use God's name in public. But let some tragedy happen and everybody prays "Oh God." What for? Hypocrites?

In my opinion this country went to the dogs when President Clinton and Governor Patton became our leaders, and it keeps getting worse all the time. Somebody wake up and tell me what right will be taken away next. What communism means is taking away people's rights, if by any chance somebody out there doesn't know that.

So if some of you citizens out there really believe all this isn't true, then wake up. It doesn't seem like us little people have any protection. The most I see our law do is run after false alarms. People make driving hazardous by using cell phones and they won't use turn signals and that makes our life dangerous. The law won't even bother them.

Charles D. Kidd


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