Casey school board chairman honored by Liberty and Casey County

December 31, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A local businessman, who has served 16 years on the Casey County Board of Education, was recognized Thursday night by the Liberty City Council.

Donald Sweeney, a real estate broker, received an appreciation plaque from the city and county governments that recognized and expressed appreciation for his service to the county school system.

Sweeney, cousin of Mayor Steve Sweeney, is a Liberty native. He did not seek re-election to the board post. Today is his final day as a board member.

The Board of Education also recognized the retiring school board chairman earlier this month with a farewell dinner.

During Sweeney's tenure, he served as chairman and vice chairman. He helped plan the consolidation of two elementary schools, and building of two new elementary schools, and the renovation of the the high and middle schools.


In a unrelated matter, the council agreed to study a request from David Smith, chairman of Gateway Park Board of Directors, who asked for financial help with utilities. The Casey Fiscal Court recently obtained the park from the Catholic Archdiocese in Louisville after a 20-year lease between the county and church expired last year. The church donated the park to the county.

"The park is now deeded to the county which makes it ours," said Smith. "We need to focus on our young people using the park." He reminded the council that the park is not just for sports, it needs to have other activities for all ages.

Smith said long-range plans call for a public swimming pool at the park. "It would be an asset to the county. It will not be a money-maker, but it is a good thing for the county."

The only money coming in to the park is from the use of the facilities. He said the electric and telephone bills use that money.

Smith requested the city donate water, sewer and garbage service to the park. He said the county will take care of other utilities. He also asked for suggestions on park improvements.

The park board currently is working on a new budget and plans to meet Tuesday to compile the document.

Mayor Sweeney said after the budget is finished, the city and county will look at it and see what can be done. He promised to put the park budget on the agenda for the next meeting.

"We're willing to discuss it and see if there is any way we can help," said Sweeney. "I think we're all supportive of the park. Our focus is on the kids and people using the park."

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