Crab Orchard neighbors assist Hustonville with water line break

December 31, 2004|EMILY BURTON

HUSTONVILLE - A water line break Tuesday near Hustonville brought out the best in the city's eastern neighbors, proving the good Samaritans of Crab Orchard know life's lemons are best served as lemonade.

Hustonville Mayor Larry "Pup" Doss said the city had suffered a "pretty bad" water line break near the Arcadia subdivision Tuesday, creating a boil-water advisory for residents as a Hustonville water crew looked for the location of the break. Both water tanks were almost entirely drained before the break was repaired.

"The mayor of Crab Orchard sent three of his workers to find it. I thought that was awful nice of the mayor to send his workers to help me," Doss said.

With the help sent by Crab Orchard Mayor Mike Ramey, the leak was tracked down much faster then had Hustonville worked alone, said Doss, and for that Ramey deserved a little good press.


"He's a good guy, he's a good mayor," said Doss.

Ramey explained it as what any good neighbor would do.

"He needed the help, and we had the manpower and didn't have anything scheduled for that day," Ramey said. "I'm sure Pup would do the same for us... There's maybe time in the future we need their help."

Ramey had similar water problems in Crab Orchard the day after Christmas. A water line break created a boil water advisory that lasted until Wednesday morning.

Doss has since volunteered to return the neighborly good deed, should Ramey need Hustonville's help. "We just got a good relationship, me and Mike," explained Doss.

Ramey saw it as being a team player rather than a hero.

"We're in the same county, we've got to work together."

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