Bond set for Boyle meth lab suspects

March 18, 2009|HERB BROCK

Cash bonds totaling nearly $350,000 were set Tuesday for five people arrested following a methamphetamine lab bust in Boyle County on Monday.

The five people, who remained in the Boyle County Detention Center this morning, and the cash bonds set for them are:

* Bronson Hartman, 32, 365 Baker Lane, Parksville, $74,000

* Jessie Devine, 30, 71 Kentucky Ave., Junction City, $74,000

* James Hrapek, 39, 84 Baker Lane, Parksville, $72,000

* Ronnie Hartman, 52, 84 Baker Lane, Parksville, $72,000

* Tanya Devine, 30, 71 Kentucky Ave., Junction City, $50,000

Ronnie Hartman and Bronson Hartman, who are father and son, and Jessie Devine and Hrapek all were charged with manufacturing, trafficking and possession of methamphetamine and a host of other drug and drug-related charges.


Tanya Devine, Jessie Devine's wife, was charged with complicity to manufacture methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine plus other drug and drug-related charges.

In addition, the Hartmans, Hrapek and Jessie Devine all were charged with controlled substance endangerment of a child. Children have lived at both Baker Lane residences and the Kentucky Avenue address.

Bronson Hartman and Hrapek also were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Armed with search warrants, members of the Boyle sheriff's department, assisted by state troopers, busted alleged meth labs at 365 Baker Lane and 84 Baker Lane, starting about 6 p.m. Monday. They didn't have a search warrant for the Devine residence at 71 Kentucky Avenue but Tanya Devine gave them permission to search the house.

Elliott said "cooking meth labs" were found at 84 Baker Lane and at 365 Baker Lane.

A second lab at Baker Lane was not in operation because it apparently had been kicked over when authorities arrived at the residence, he said.

Officers found the remnants of a meth lab at 71 Kentucky Avenue but it was not in operation at the time they arrived there, Elliott said. However, they found "components and supplies used in the manufacture of meth," he said.

"We found (at all three locations) a very large crystal meth operation," he said.

The operating meth lab at the Hrapek residence alone appeared to be capable of producing an ounce of crystal meth a day, Elliott said.

He said the going rate for an ounce of crystal meth on the street is about $150 a gram. At that rate, the street value of that ounce allegedly produced by the lab found at the Hrapek residence would be about $4,200.

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