Life on the trail: Wagon train gives riders old-fashioned experience

October 01, 2009|By SUSIE LAUN

PARKSVILLE — Watermelon, water, grass and a place to park their wagons were all some people needed to stop for the night.

Junie Boyd made his farm on Harberson Lane home to 34 wagons and their riders Wednesday night.

The wagon train stopped at Boyd's farm on its way to way to Renfro Valley. This is the fourth year riders have stopped at Boyd's, and Lawrenceburg resident Charlie "C.J." Brown said it's the hospitality and the good grass that keep them coming back each year.

Brown is a member of the Kentucky Trail Blazers, a club that enjoys wagon rides and raising horses. From April to October, members go on as many as two or three wagon rides a month, including a week-long ride that takes them through Danville before reaching Renfro Valley for its Harvest Festival.

This wagon ride will last as many as 19 days for some of the riders, longer if the weather doesn't cooperate.


The ride began Monday in Shelby County, with stops in Danville and Crab Orchard on the way to Renfro Valley. After Renfro Valley, some riders will make the trip to Barbourville before heading home.

Having the wagon riders on his farm gives Boyd a chance for fellowship and conversation with strangers and friends alike.

"I like to see people come and enjoy themselves," he said.

For the riders, the trip is the opportunity to spend time with family and friends and enjoy nature.

Campers will rough it until Friday when they'll get the first opportunity for a real shower.

"It's a rat race to the shower," Lawrenceburg resident Gwen Holt said, laughing.

The wagons will travel mostly on secondary roads and spend the next couple of days enjoying the scenery, company and festivals.

"We're making memories," Holt said.

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