Property transfers: Aug. 3, 2012

August 03, 2012

Property transfers for the week of July 23 to July 27.

— Jason Derifield to Jeremiah L. Brosier, lot 36, unit 4B, Hibiscus Terrace, $169,900.

— Jeremiah L. Brosier to Jeremiah L. Brosier and Kari J. Zander, lot 36, unit 4B, Hibiscus Terrace Trust.

— Joanna Miller to Sondra J. Stone, lot 6, unit 3, Lyndale Subdivision, $74,000.

— BAC Home Loans Servicing LP and Julie Hatton to Federal National Mortgage, lot 97, unit 4A, Spring Ridge, master commissioner, $70,000.

— Alice M. Helphrey to Edward Mastrean and Brenda Mastrean, lot 17, Colby Hills, $137,500.

— Ronald W. Flickinger and Deborah L. Flickinger to University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union, Ford Hampton Road, 38 acres.

— Kevin Scott Reed and Carrie Delean Reed to Antoinette Czajkowski, lot 47, unit 3, Springridge, $117,600.

— Dale C. Fenner Jr. and Jeannie Fenner to James R. Johnson and Deanna Johnson, lot 506B, Fontaine Estates, $500.


— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to ARP Holdings LLC, lot 210, Oakmont Villas, $133,700.

— Carolyn Ard to Cord Stacy and Carolyn Ard, lot 1, Noble Heights, quitclaim.

— Sally L. Mahan, Sally L. Yeiser, James C. Mahan, Elizabeth L. McGrath and Casey H. McGrath to Thornderosa LLC, Redbud Lane, Athens-Boonesboro, love and affection.

— Frances G. Daniels to Eric M. Daniels, parcel 4, Highway 15, quitclaim.

— Overt L. Carroll and Sandra S. Carroll to Moises V. Morales and Bertha C. Blanco, lot 21, Oakmont Villas, $125,000.

— Joyce J. Haggard to Ninna R. Back, lot 1, Lyndale Subdivision, $171,500.

— U.S. Bank National Association, Ida R. Brown, Joseph A. Brown and Western Federal Credit Union to U.S. Bank National Association, house and lot in Wesleyan Park, master commissioner, $42,667.

— Patricia G. Staggs and Robert E. Staggs Sr. to Patricia G. Staggs, parcel 2, Morris Road, quitclaim.

— Jo Ann Estes and Bobby Wayne Estes to Jo Ann Estes and Bobby Wayne Estes, lot 90, unit 3, Colby Terrace.

— Gerald Wills, Patricia H. Wills, Linda W. Dunn and James W. Dunn to Myrtle H. Wills, land in Clark County.

— Elijah V. Hampton and Emily D. Hampton to Elijah V. Hampton, Boone Avenue, quitclaim.

— Kimberly Humphreys and Randal Humphreys to Sherry Crouch, lot 3, Vine Street, $30,000.

— Dale C. Fenner Jr. and Jeannie Fenner to Dane S. Snowden and Linda W. Snowden, lot 3A, Fontaine Estates, $600.

— Keith K. Schillo and Annabel Kellam to Jacob M. Frick and Lindsey A. Frick. lot 87, unit 4C, Mallard Place, $255,000.

— BOFK NA, unknown defendant, A. Brinton Gray and Fifth Third Bank Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, lot 71, unit 2, Verna Hils, master commissioner, $71,500.

— Ashley E. Johnson and Michael Johnson to Jami R. Anglin and Jacquelin McCure, lot 166, unit 5B, Colby Ridge, $121,000.

— Joseph D. Brewer, Sabrina Nicole Brewer, Emily Christine Stamper and Zachary Stamper to Joseph D. Brewer and Sabrina Nicole Brewer, lot 141, unit 1C, Oakmont Villas, quitclaim.

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