Boyle grand jury hands up indictments

November 30, 2012

Three Danville residents accused of pouring boiling water on another man and robbing him have been indicted by a Boyle County grand jury.

Damarintae “Mickey” Fischer, his mother Caprice Fischer and Tiffany Jackson were each indicted for first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and kidnapping stemming from the Oct. 10 attack on M’Dre Whitehead inside Jackson’s apartment on Sixth Street.

According to testimony from Danville Detective Robert Ladd during a preliminary hearing, Mickey Fischer invited Whitehead to Jackson’s apartment, apparently to confront him over an Xbox gaming system that Fischer alleged Whitehead had stolen from him.

Once inside, the three suspects held Whitehead against his will, the detective said. Mickey Fischer allegedly threw a pan of boiling water in Whitehead’s face, pistol whipped him and pointed a gun at his head, and the two women kicked him, according to testimony.


Whitehead told police he was robbed of $125, two new pairs of shoes and a watch before being pushed out the back door.

All three remained in the Boyle County Detention Center on Thursday under $50,000 bonds. Ladd testified before the grand jury.

Others indicted were:

  • Amanda Vaught, 32, of 101 Winning Colors, allegedly trafficking in oxycodone on March 29. Bond was set at $10,000. Deputy Sheriff Brian Wofford testified before the grand jury.
  • Karen Turpin, 34, of Liberty, fourth-offense driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license on Oct. 27. Bond was set at $5,000. Danville officer Adam Harmon testified.
  • Richard Schmiers, 31, of Stanford, first-degree sexual abuse for allegedly subjecting a girl less than 12 years of age to sexual contact on May 8. Bond was set at $10,000. Trooper Eric Taylor testified.
  • Lula Rich, 56, of Junction City, bail jumping for allegedly failing to appear for arraignment in Boyle Circuit Court on Nov. 5. Bond was set at $10,000. Kari Lamb testified.
  • Herbert James McGowan Jr., 34, of 151 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., first-degree robbery for allegedly threatening to use force and a dangerous instrument while commiting a theft from Speedway on July 17. Bond was set at $30,000. Ladd testified.
  • Robert Martin, 20, 250 N. Third St., allegedly trafficking in oxycodone in Oct. 2011. Bond was set at $10,000. Wofford testified.
  • William Knopp, 37, of Junction City, first-degree sodomy for allegedly using force to engage in deviate sexual intercourse with a woman on June 9 and 10. Bond was set at $25,000. KSP Detective Monte Owens testified.
  • Tabatha Goode, 20, of Perryville, alleged trafficking in oxycodone in October 2011. Bond was set at $10,000. Wofford testified.
  • Justin D. Adams, 19, of 6452 Alum Springs Road, theft of a firearm for allegedly taking a gun from Andrea Adams on Oct. 6. Bond was set at $5,000. Deputy Sheriff Derrick Robbins testified.
  • Heather Baker, 20, of 704 Logan Ave., alleged trafficking in oxycodone in 2011. Bond was set at $10,000. Wofford testified.
  • Bryan Biggs, 36, of Stanford, second-degree assault for allegedly striking William Sharp with an automobile on Oct. 28. Bond was set at $10,000. Danville Detective Patrick McQueen testified.
  • Michael S. Biliter, 57, of Harrodsburg, wanton endangerment and criminal mischief for allegedly putting Danville officer Ricky Sellers at risk of serious injury and damaging property owned by the city of Danville on Aug. 9. Bond was set at $5,000. Sellers testified.
  • Daniel Chang, 24, 434 Patrician Place No. 2, unlawful transaction with a minor for allegedly assisting a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity on Oct. 22. Bond was set at $20,000. Danville officer Glenn Doan testified.
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