Property transfers: March 1, 2013

March 01, 2013

Property transfers recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office for Feb. 18-22.

— Julian Harris and Mary Virginia Harris to Chanty Eng and Chansopha Loeurng, three tracts, $91,000.
— Thornderosa LLC to Jennifer A. Algire and Michael K. Andrews, lot 1, Fairwood, $172,000.
— Linden Lane LLC to Neely Taylor Wade Insurance, parcel 1A and 2A, $150,000.
— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. to Sergio Lopez, lot 65A, Colby Terrace, $72,000.
— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. to Timothy Conway and Ned Snow, Ky. 89, $29,000.
— Patricia Geurkink, Patty Geurkink and John Geurkink to John Geurkink and Patricia Geurkink, parcel 4, quit claim.
— Gary A. Geveshausen and Joannie Geveshausen to Geveshausen Trust dated February, lot 2, West Hampton, quit claim.
— Gerald Geveshausen and Joanne E. Geveshausen to Highland Trust dated February, lot 3, Highland Street, quit claim.
— Bank of America and Chad M. Johnson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 23A, Lisle, master commissioner, $107,590.
— Phyllis Riffe Castle to Michael Ray Castle, lot 27, Colby Hills, love and affection.
— Teresa Ann Everman to Monte D. Everman, parcel 8, quit claim.
— Teresa Ann Everman and Teresa Hufford to Monte D. Everman, two properties, quit claim.
— Herbert D. Sledd to Sarah Gay Sledd, parcel 3, love and affection.
— Sherina Ross and Clifford Ross to Shakayla Marquise Buckner, Elm Street.
— Winchester Retirement Place Inc. to Ione Graul Wingert, lot 13B, Winchester Retirement, $155,000.
— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John Scott and Laura Scott, lot 40, Mt. Vernon, $48,500.
— Joan M. Brennan to Joan M. Brennan and Deborah A. Neil, lots 144 and 63, Yorktowne, love and affection.
— Bill R. Perry and Norma M. Perry to Revocable Trust AG Winchester Retirement Place, lot 34A, Winchester Retirement, $155,079.
— Keith Horn and Deanna Horn to Tara Horn and Keith Horn, lot 2A, Colby Terrace, $88,000.
— Cora Lee Wrenn to Raymond Ira Wrenn, Hughes Avenue, love and affection.
— Citifinancial Services Inc, Albert Christy, Patsy Christy, unknown spouse, Bonnie Wells, Clark Regional Medical Center, Albert Christy spouse and Patsy Christy spouse to Citimortgage Inc., two tracts in Ford, master commissioner, $30,667.
— Eric F. Coon and Alice L. Coon to Robert McQueen and Kelly McQueen, lot 1, White Turley, $145,000.
— JPMorganChase Bank National Association to James A. Nail Jr., lot 8, Verna Hills, $72,000.
— Southern Tax Services LLC, Beulah Patterson unknown heir, Community Bancshares Series, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Clark County, City of Winchester, Shonte Williams Bell and unknown to Kenneth R. Banks, two tracts, Third Street, master commissioner, $4,900.
— Marilyn W. Cook and William B. Cook to William R. Pumphrey trustee, Gay Evans Road, love and affection.
— William R. Pumphrey trustee to William B. Cook and Marilyn W. Cook, Gay Evans Road.
— B & B Sales Inc. to Thomas R. Goebel and Annette Goebel, Broadway and Church Alley, $91,500.
— Fannie Mae to unverified.

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