Boyle sheriff to seek organized crime charges

August 16, 2013|By KYLE WOOSLEY |

Boyle County Sheriff’s Office is seeking organized crime charges in connection to a string of burglaries in Boyle County and surrounding areas.

Jamie Hatfield, Keisha Bradshaw and Shannon Lawhorn were arrested three weeks after they allegedly broke into Caverndale Feeds on Bluegrass Pike and stole a Honda generator.

Boyle County Sheriff Marty Elliott said the three are facing 66 felony charges.

“It’s everything from fraudulent use of a credit card up to burglary,” he said.

After receiving a search warrant, Elliott said the group’s cell phones provided details leading the department to believe this was part of an organized crime.

“Based on the information we have gotten off the cell phones, there’s a lot of information on other targets,” he said. “It proves to us it wasn’t just a random group of people who were specific targets.”

Elliott said more charges can come once the number of people involved reaches five or more.

“If this thing continues to grow like we believe it will, we’re going to ask the grand jury to see it as engaging in organized crime,” he said.

Engaging in organized crime is a Class B felony and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Elliott said a fourth person has been identified in connection to the burglaries but has not been arrested.

“There’s another person that will face charges as we move forward,” he said.

Elliott said more people will face additional charges in connection to crimes as the investigation progresses.

“There are other people who are going to face additional charges in relation to the search warrant,” he said. “We want to find all the players involved and charge them under this statute.”

Police obtained the stolen property from the initial feed store burglary at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Elliott said it was obtained by a man in Nicholasville, who was unaware it was stolen.

“He had no idea it was stolen and he cooperated when confronted by police,” he said.

Since the arrests, Elliott said break-ins in Boyle County have decreased.

“We do know that the rash of break-ins we’ve had in the county has dried up,” he said.

Elliott said the sheriff’s office is working closely with Kentucky State Police to gather the information it will present to the grand jury to pursue more indictments.

The grand jury is scheduled to meet Aug. 29.

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