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August 28, 2009
The following civil cases were filed in Clark Circuit Court. ? Russ Morrison and Pat Morrison vs. Charles Gibson, seeking $2,300 for debt. ? Peoples Exchange Bank vs. Linville B. Willoughby, Leann M. Willoughby and Jacqueline Wilson Willoughby, foreclosure. ? Steven Defazio vs. Tammy Norris Defazio, divorce. ? Cabinet for Health and Family Services vs. Wayne D. Hasty, child support action. ? Cabinet for Health and Family Services vs. Lola M. Eversole, child support action.
November 6, 2005
Blue Grass Community Action Partnership was awarded recently with the Program of Distinction award by the Kentucky Weatherization Program in Lexington. The award is $22,500 which will be given to service providers to weatherize more houses. The weatherization program is a federally funded energy conservation program that provides energy conservation measures ranging from furnace repair to duct sealing and preventing air infiltration to adding attic insulation. Criteria for the awards were for agencies who have met or exceeded 95-100 percent of their completion goals for the year, must have been under state wide cost for the per home dollar average for the program year, and had a positive monitoring report from the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
February 5, 2009
The Lincoln County Citizen Foster Care Review Board is seeking volunteers to make a difference in the lives of local foster children. Volunteers are needed to review cases of children placed in foster care because of abuse, dependency and neglect to ensure these children are placed in safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible. Volunteers are not required to reside in the county where the board meets. The Kentucky General Assembly created the Citizen Foster Care Review Board, or CFCRB, in 1982 as a way to decrease the time children spend in foster care.
September 5, 2008
The following civil cases were filed in Clark Circuit Court. - Cabinet for Health and Family Services vs. Nancy C. Bowling, petition for child support. - Community Trust Bank vs. Kevin M. Lynn, seeking $4,663.46 plus interest for debt. - Cabinet for Health and Family Services vs. Darrell W. Tackett, petition for child support. - Cheryl A. Wills vs. Harry Dunaway, personal injury. - Jeffrey Mayberry vs. Freda Crawford, personal injury. - Jackie Hockensmith vs. Mark Stottlemeyer, personal injury.
By BEN KLEPPINGER | October 27, 2009
Kentucky's legislature has come under fire recently for failing to provide $4 million it promised to spend improving state social workers' safety, but some Danville social workers say more money isn't necessarily what they need. Social workers testified in Frankfort last week that in many cases they are understaffed and overworked, a situation that's placing many social workers in danger. The workers testified at a hearing before lawmakers on Wednesday, focused on the 2007 "Boni Bill," which was supposed to allocate $6 million over two years to improve safety for workers with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
September 9, 2008
Dear Editor, In response to the Lussier letter to the editor on Sept. 4, I would like to give my opinion. She said that the election is turning into a comedy of errors for the Republicans, yet there is a Democrat running for president that has no business running either. She said that McCain chose a woman with no experience. Does she know that Palin has run a state government and chose her own cabinet of officials to help her? The only cabinet that Obama knows about are the ones where the Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes are kept.
Mike Wynn | April 17, 2007
Democratic candidate for governor Steve Henry told a group of Clark County hunters Monday that if elected, his administration will maintain Kentucky's interest in the sport. The candidate, who is seeking nomination with running mate Renee True this May, spoke briefly during an annual cookout for the Association of Wild Turkey Hunters. The former lieutenant governor is vying in a crowded Democratic primary against six other candidates. Evoking memories of hunting quail and turkey with his grandfather, Henry said his administration would work to provide those opportunities to future generations.
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